Value creation through active ownership

Active Ownership is More Than Shareholder Activism

Ownership implies responsibility, entrepreneurship and long-term commitment.

We regard ourselves as owners rather than shareholders. As such, we recognize that the active use of our shareholder voice carries an infinitely greater responsibility. We regard ourselves as entrepreneurs, adopting a hands-on approach to our investments. We acquire long-term strategic stakes, devise detailed, long-term plans and are committed to creating long-term value.

Active ownership implies constant interaction and collaboration, focusing on the internal business drivers to unlock long-term value.

We proactively share with management and other shareholders our vision and ideas about how to catalyze future sales and profit potential. We drive value creation by engaging in proactive dialogue with management on an ongoing basis in order to implement the required fundamental changes as rapidly as possible.

We rely primarily on logical argument and persuasion to drive this change. As owners, we are prepared nonetheless to enforce our rights over company managers and directors.

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