Value creation through active ownership

Value Creation is More Than Identifying Valuation Gaps

In essence, we are value investors focused on long-term fundamentals. However, we do more than identify valuation gaps.

The cornerstone of our value creation approach is to identify the strategies required to help companies fulfill their potential. We facilitate the initiatives that will increase their sales and improve their operational, financial and organizational capabilities.

Our intensive research and analysis allows an intimate and unrivaled knowledge of all our investments. Before investing, we become the leading external authority on each company by conducting in-depth, 360-degree due diligence. After investing, we increase transparency further thanks to our ongoing interaction with company management and directors.

In accordance with best management practice, we closely monitor all relevant internal and external developments and adapt our plans on an ongoing basis. As circumstances change, we develop and facilitate new strategies and initiatives to ensure value maximization.

We recognize that the creation of sustainable value requires patience and determination. We will not abandon solid long-term investments when confronted with short-term issues. Neither will we wait forever. If change is too slow, we try to accelerate developments from the inside and the outside.

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