Press Release

GoldenPeaks Capital acquires 283MW of ready-to- build assets in the final quarter of 2023

December 12, 2023
Press Release
Warsaw, December 12th 2023 - GoldenPeaks Capital (“GPC”) has further strengthened its commitment to the Polish solar energy market by successfully acquiring 283MW of ready-to-build (“RtB”) assets in the final quarter of 2023.

GoldenPeaks Capital is one of the fastest growing independent green power producers in Europe and one of the largest photovoltaic system owners in Poland. The Company intends to acquire a further 150MW of RtB assets before the close of the year, taking its total acquisitions for the quarter to approximately 433MW.

This will enable GPC to achieve its goal of building a further 1GW of solar assets in Poland in 2024.

The majority of the solar sites are located in the western and northwestern regions in Poland and represent a mix of sizes of up to 10MW.

Daniel Tain, President of GPC said: “Our acquisition-team has worked tirelessly to close these multiple acquisitions and will be working right up to the end of the year to finalize the remaining portfolios. When added to our existing pipeline, these assets establish an even firmer base from which to execute our 1GW Polish construction pipeline as per 2024.”

About GoldenPeaks Capital

GoldenPeaks Capital, is a company specializing in the construction and operation of solar systems and one of the largest photovoltaic system owners in Poland and Hungary. GoldenPeaks Capital will further increase the pace of shaping the industry of renewable energies in Eastern Europe by applying the seamless integration of all sectors of GPC, such as manufacturing, project development & engineering, financing & structuring, supply chain management, construction & commissioning, asset operations, and commercial energy sales among others, ensuring an invaluable alignment of methodologies, ethics and goals.

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