Press Release

GoldenPeaks Capital signs CPPA with Nestlé in Poland

September 22, 2022
Press Release
GoldenPeaks Capital (GPC) has signed a 12-year Photovoltaic energy-based Power Purchase Agreement with Nestlé Poland rated at 44 GWh of annual generation. The powerplants are owned and operated by GoldenPeaks Capital and represent a part of the eastern European RES pipeline of the Swiss based Investment Group.

GoldenPeaks Capital has partnered with Nestlé to supply energy from its Polish PV assets portfolios to support local facilities with green energy of domestic generation. 

The PPA receives energy from two of GPC’s large scale utility portfolios and allows to save the emission of more than 374’000 tCO2eq during its tenor.

GPC’s portfolios count a total capacity above 1.8 GW (1'800 MW) of PV assets in the country, which represents the largest pipeline of assets owned by a single entity to date. GPC has operated in Poland since 2016 and has connected over 135 utility scale PV powerplants to the national Grid to date. It will add another 180 MW throughout the year.

The transaction is strengthening the position of both the parties in Poland and marks an important milestone along the physical energy allocation strategy of GoldenPeaks Capital’s route to market for eastern Europe. The agreement was closed by GoldenPeaks Trading, an energy sales and trading company based in Switzerland belonging to the GoldenPeaks Capital group.

“We are glad to contribute actively shaping the industries consumption towards carbon neutral energy, in which we especially focus to supply the consumer goods and industrial sectors through our cutting-edge Photovoltaic generation assets within eastern Europe. We very much appreciate the target-oriented collaboration with Nestlé throughout the time of agreement structuring and are looking forward to further strengthen this important collaboration in the coming years”, says Daniel A. Oechslin, Delegate of the Board of GoldenPeaks Capital Trading at the publication date.

The technology applied is based on bi-facial photovoltaic PV modules with high efficiency solar cells, which allows for highest generation yields in operation. The group has a long-term ownership strategy and therefore selects best system components available to date, combined with the knowhow along the entire in-house value chain.

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